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What is a Medical Spa

What Is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is not your typical day spa. The focus is on whole-body wellness, which is why treatments are customized to treat the underlying problems. Medical spas also provide treatments for chronic conditions, such as diabetes. The main difference between day spas and medical spas is the type of payment accepted. While a day spa charges a flat rate for services, medical spas charge more for these services, making them more expensive.


Treatments that aren't available at a day spa

Some medical spas offer acne medication. Others will only prescribe a basic acne treatment, and will outsource more complex procedures to a medical clinic. Some people, however, need a prescription for acne medications. Day spas are excellent for relaxing and basic treatments, but if you have a health condition or want to improve your skin's appearance, you should consider visiting a medical spa.


A medical spa is different from a day spa in that it is a licensed healthcare facility where doctors administer procedures. Medical spas typically have a relaxing atmosphere and can address a variety of skin conditions. Some doctors perform procedures at these facilities, while others work in the aestheticians' office. A day spa focuses on relaxation and self-care, while a med spa focuses on cosmetic procedures and lasting results.

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Treatments that aren't performed by a licensed medical professional

While there are many benefits to visiting a medical spa, it's important to understand that not all treatments are done by a medical professional. While doctors are still in charge of the treatment plans and protocols at medical spas, some treatments can be delegated to individuals who don't have the proper training. For instance, a doctor can delegate the initial examination to another licensed practitioner, but that person must have the correct training.


In addition to estheticians, medical spas often combine simple cosmetic procedures with more advanced and sophisticated medical procedures. Surgical procedures like a liposuction or a facelift, for example, can only be performed by a licensed medical professional. In addition, a medical spa is likely to combine simple cosmetic treatments with complicated, invasive medical procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.


Payment options offered at a medical spa

As a business owner, one of the most important things to do is offer payment options for patients. Whether your patient needs a new pair of shoes, a new set of teeth, or a new manicure, offering these options for payment can help you get more patients and increase your revenue. Many med spas offer patient financing to help clients afford treatments. This option allows your patients to shop with confidence, and you'll have more opportunities to book appointments.


CareCredit has expanded into the spa industry by offering financing options for spa guests. CareCredit previously offered financing options for dental and health care. By offering financing options for cosmetic treatments, the company hopes to boost spa growth. In addition to offering additional payment options, CareCredit also has the ability to increase the number of services a spa can offer. This solution uses industry-specific research and financial expertise to make it easy for consumers to pay for treatments and spa visits.

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