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What Are Med Spas?

Medical spas provide patients with innovative cosmetic treatments and holistic wellness services in a welcoming, relaxing environment. Board-certified medical doctors and plastic surgeons supervise the practice. Services range from facial fillers to advanced surgical procedures. Licensed aestheticians offer services under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons. Many medical spas also offer holistic health services, such as massage and aromatherapy. Licensed medical spas are also regulated by the Texas Medical Board.


Medical spas offer innovative cosmetic and holistic treatments in a relaxing environment

Medical spas offer an experience that is not far removed from a spa, but are also more intensive and provide dramatic results. These facilities combine the convenience of a medical office with the relaxing atmosphere of a spa, and they can help you meet your aesthetic goals without surgery. A visit to a medical spa will leave you looking and feeling renewed, not just a little more beautiful. Read on to learn more about the benefits of medical spas and how to make the most of your spa day.

They are regulated by the Texas Medical Board

While non-physicians can own a med spa, they cannot work in the facility. According to the Texas Medical Board, these non-physician owners can only work under the supervision of a licensed physician. Other restrictions apply to Texas med spas, including registration, reporting requirements, and marketing and advertising restrictions. Listed below are the specific requirements for Texas med spas.


They must be under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon or medical doctor

In order for a med spa to operate legally, the supervising physician must be licensed and capable of performing the procedure. States have passed laws requiring that a physician be licensed to perform certain procedures, such as injections and liposuction, while others require that a physician be actively practicing medical treatment. These laws differ slightly from state to state, but the general concept is the same.


They offer facial fillers

In addition to a wide range of facial fillers, some Med spas also offer skincare services. While a large med spa may offer an extensive menu of treatments, smaller med spas focus on the specific skincare procedures that are effective for medical practitioners. Browse a med spa's website to learn more about its approach to skincare and aesthetics. Then, you can choose which one will best meet your needs.


They offer weight loss

One of the most important aspects of losing weight is exercise. But without proper exercise, you won't lose any weight. Medical spas specialize in weight loss and offer various fitness routines that are fun and beneficial. Their doctors design a fitness regimen for each patient based on their medical history, metabolism, lifestyle, and preferred foods. The exercise is designed to promote health by increasing blood circulation and serotonin levels. Patients usually enjoy the workouts, and the medical staff will provide motivation to lose weight.

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