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If you're looking for a place to live in Orange County, you might want to consider Stanton, California. Its population is estimated to be 37,962 as of the 2020 census. Incorporated in 1956, Stanton has a council-manager form of government and provides all municipal services. If you're thinking about moving to Stanton, you might be wondering what to do first. There are many options available in this city.


The first city in Stanton was incorporated in 1911. The former Speaker of the California State Assembly, Phillip Ackley, helped with the incorporation. Despite the city's size, Stanton retained a small-town community atmosphere. Residents enjoy a wide range of city programs, including great parks, a family resource center, and holiday celebrations. They also have a strong sense of civic pride.

While there are many places of employment in Stanton, most people commute outside of the city limits for work. This is true for both nearby and far-off cities. Almost half of Stanton residents travel more than 30 minutes to work. Three of the top employers in Stanton are Home Depot, Rowtree Gardens, and All Metals Processing. The city's motto is "Community Pride."

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The Pacific Electric Railway first started operating in Stanton in 1906 and within four years had two cars traveling each way. The Pacific Electric Railway was a boon to the residents of the city, as it provided a mainline into Los Angeles. The railroad also made it easy for agents of the Stearns Rancho Corporation to bring prospective buyers to the town. This influx of commerce brought many businesses to the town. However, there is also plenty of history and a great community spirit to enjoy.

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