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As we make new gains and discoveries in the field of medicine, more and more people begin to realize the benefits of regenerative medicine and therapy. Regenerative therapy is a diverse area of medicine that focuses on replacing existing cells that have been damaged by disease or other types of damage. These treatments can utilize your own growth factors or donor tissues (like regenerative cells and exosomes) to improve your health and minimize your risk for a number of conditions, including Alzheimer's, strokes, weight gain, and diabetes. Regenerative medicine offers a number of health and aesthetic benefits and is considered a natural remedy. At Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Allyson Berkey and her skilled team utilize these revolutionary techniques to improve the quality of your skin, face, body, hair, and overall wellness.


Regenerative medicine encompasses a number of techniques and treatments that can be used to improve the way you look and feel, as well as minimize your risks for certain medical issues. These approaches can be used for hair loss restoration, anti-aging, erectile dysfunction treatment, and more. Some of the regenerative techniques we incorporate into different treatment plans include:

  • Natural Injection therapy

  • Exosomes

  • Regenerative cell therapy


Your treatment itself will vary, depending on the type of therapy you're receiving. While Regenerative cells are derived from your own blood and separated in a centrifuge machine, adipose cells and exosomes typically come from donor umbilical cords and are harvested to provide a wide range of medical benefits.




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Is regenerative medicine safe?

While the FDA hasn’t approved exosome therapy or any type of stem-cell-based therapies, they can still be considered safe and effective for the majority of patients. Other treatments use the platelet-rich plasma in your own blood to stimulate healing, making them very safe. Dr. Berkey ensures that every regenerative medicine treatment she administers is right for each patient’s unique needs and in accordance with their medical history and current condition.


Do regenerative medicine treatments hurt?

No, most patients don’t experience any more discomfort than they would with any type of injection.


How soon can you see results with regenerative medicine?

While each patient’s response to regenerative medicine therapies is unique, many patients start to see results within 4 – 8 weeks, with results improving over about six months. Some patients may need multiple treatments to achieve optimal results.


When it comes to the way you look and feel, sometimes the best remedy can be found within. At Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics, we utilize your own body's growth factors and donor tissues to replenish your body's natural storage of collagen and improve a number of your body's functions. Whether you're interested in hair loss restoration, younger-looking skin, or other enhancements, our team in Newport Beach, CA can help! Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Berkey today.

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