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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Advancements in aesthetic medicine and skin rejuvenation system have saved us from societal pressures and awkward situations, and it has also helped us improving self-esteem and confidence. It is important to have skin free from excessive hair and its problems to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle; Women tend to go for finding permanent solutions in hair removal, although it is equally important for men to have a clean body with no or less hair on their face, arms, and legs.

It was rightly said that "life is too short to spend another day at war with body hair. “Beyond Medspa and wellness center for facial rejuvenation is committed to providing excellence under the expert supervision of Dr. Allyson Berkey. Suppose you are bothered by the unwanted hair on your face and other body areas and are tired of trying waxing, threading, and tweezing; nothing to worry more about it. You will be treated with the latest laser therapies and ultimate medical care when you walk through the doors of the world-class Beyond Medspa and wellness center. We are glad to tell you more about laser hair removal, procedure, and its benefits. Let's explore!

What is Laser Hair Removal, and how is it performed at Beyond Medspa and Wellness Center?

Laser hair removal is the most reliable, safe, and lasting method of eliminating hair from your body, including the face, arms, legs, chest, back, underarms, and bikini line. The method is the most commonly employed technique in the US at various medspas and aesthetic clinics. High concentrated laser light is used during the procedure to target the hair follicles. The hair pigments absorb the light and destroy the hair. Dr. Allyson Berkey conveniently performs the procedure using the advanced hair removal technique with the InMode Optimas at her practice in Newport Beach, CA.

The process is safe and precise that selectively targets the dark and coarse hair, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected by the beam of laser light. The energy that emits from the advanced diolaze laser by InMode Optimas works at a higher speed, treating much hair in a fraction of seconds. The small facial areas such as upper lips and chin take only a few minutes to complete; however, larger body areas such as the back, legs, and arms take up to an hour to get treated by the process.

The hair removal treatment by laser technology works on thermolysis, where specific laser wavelengths hit the target tissues with optimal effects while leaving the surrounding tissues with minimal to no effects. The thermolysis action of the laser beam heats the melanin to produce localized damage to hair follicles, thus increasing basal stem cell temperature. The dark pigmented hair absorbs the photons of light, so the process is effective for black, brown, red, and dirty blond hair.

The procedure is simple that doesn't require any special preparations. The only thing you need to do is to limit plucking, threading, shaving, and electrolysis two weeks before the treatment. This prevents the roots from being removed by the procedures and get targeted by the laser. The laser therapist or staff member will hold the skin taut during the procedure to make a clear path between the laser and the hair follicle roots.

During the procedure, a handheld device is used to press against the skin. A cooling gel or probe at the end of the instrument is used to minimize the risks. Once the device is activated, a beam of laser light passes through the skin into hair follicles, damaging them and inhibiting hair growth. You might feel a very slight pinprick-like sensation during the procedure or a cooling sensation due to the cooling device at the end of the laser instrument.

Dr. Berkey advises her patients to wear SPF 30 sunscreen and avoid tanning beds for two weeks after the treatment. The procedure requires three to five sessions for complete hair reduction spaced three to five weeks apart. Repeated treatments at the growth stage of the hair loss cycle produce the best lasting results.

For further information on the possibilities Beyond Med Spa and Wellness Center offers its customers, book an initial appointment by filling out an online consultation form or call/text now.

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