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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

What is the Beyond Medical Weight Loss Program? | Is Beyond medical weight loss worth it?


Beyond medical weight loss program is a medically calculated weight loss regimen effectively designed for those who have tried all the means of losing weight, and it's not making any difference. Excessive weight gain or medically diagnosed obesity is a concern for more than one in three adults in the United States.

Excessive weight gain is also a root cause of various medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. It reduces the quality of life and has also reduced the life span by fourteen years. Dr. Allyson Berkey at Beyond Med Spa and wellness center understands all the right reasons that can contribute to losing weight.

The weight loss management system by Dr. Allyson includes FDA-approved Injectable medications plus a wellness regime that works in reducing appetite and improving glycemic control along with a balanced diet and workout. Each patient who intends to lose weight has unique fat loss needs and circumstances; Dr. Allyson meets them during the initial consultation to learn about their weight loss goals and motivations. One-on-one consultation with the physician allows you to know your wellness physician and helps the physician get necessary information about you.

Beyond medical weight loss is mainly designed for individuals with BMI greater than 30. The advanced revolutionary beyond medical weight loss program is a three-month journey designed for those who are to lose an early weight loss of 10- 20 pounds. Six months plan is dedicated to helping you lose 20-40 pounds. Dr. Berkey has dedicated an endless effort in designing a simple and effective program that works on behavior modification, a low caloric diet, fat burning workout routine, and the use of medications, supplements, and vitamins that help the weight loss management system efficient to give you desired results.

Injectable weight loss medications are administered through thin needles under the skin. Patients can administer the medicine as it’s safe to deliver and painless. Beyond wellness weight loss helps the patients who cannot lose weight, not because of unhealthy eating or lack of activity. However, it’s because of some underlying diseases and their treatment that doesn't support losing weight.

The benefit of medical weight loss by the physicians trained in weight loss management is that they can necessarily alter or prescribe medicine best fit for the medical condition and assist in weight loss simultaneously. The weight loss management journey also suggests a diet plan allowing you to eat a specific number of calories or the amount you need to burn to achieve the desired outcomes.

Is Beyond Medical Weight Loss worth it?

Yes, the Beyond Medical Weight Loss Program supervised by qualified physician Dr. Allyson Berkey provides you the opportunity to lose weight while observing a healthy lifestyle. The six-month-long weight loss journey is a professionally assisted individualized care management system tailored to fulfill your unique needs.

For further information on the possibilities that medical weight loss provides at Beyond Med Spa and wellness, book your initial appointment by filling online consultation form or call/ text now.

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