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A Complete Guide On Microneedling

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

An Advanced Anit Aging Treatment That Produces Collagen And Elastin For Smoother And Tighter Skin.

The advancements in aesthetic medicine and physiology of getting older are contesting to prove that aging is not merely passing a certain number of years. Still, we grow older when we start deserting our ideals. We grow older when we leave enthusiasm for maintaining youthful joy, and we grow older when we give up on the pleasant glow of our faces, which brings the radiance inside that comes out in the form of confidence and self-esteem. Yes! We start losing our confidence levels by the increasing number of wrinkles and creases on our faces. Nothing to worry about because the revolutionary research in regenerative medicine has solved all our problems. The aesthetic and cosmetic needs are now covered by one of the many treatments, which is microneedling.

Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy, which creates a pattern of channeled micro-injuries that stimulates the natural healing process. By ensuring the skin structure intact without causing any cellular damage, collagen production is induced, which results in its antiaging benefits. The process efficiently works on uneven skin tone, dull complexion, and acne scars and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and facial creases. Let’s explore to know what Beyond Med spa and Wellness center offers and how it works by the masterly hands of Dr. Allyson Berkey.


  • The microneedling process enhances your skin quality by forming new, healthier, regenerative collagen. 

  • The process promotes cellular turnover by replacing the old cells with new skin cells, collagen, and elastin. 

  • Microtrauma caused by the microneedling process tightens the skin naturally and helps in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Microneedling benefits facial contouring and improves facial profile by providing firmer and tighter skin. 

  • Microneedling, along with customized injections of serum and nutrients, reduces unclogged pores and improves moisture retention, providing a healthier glow to your skin. 

  • The microneedling process reduces scars, acne scars, and scars from traumatic injury.  You will get tremendous changes in your skin's tone and texture after microneedling. 

  • The microneedling process effectively reduces stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

  • The process is safe, quick, and effective with no downtime.

The Microneedling process at the world-class facility of Beyond Medspa and Wellness Center starts by cleansing your face to remove dirt or makeup. In the next step, your aesthetic practitioner will apply the local anesthetic cream, which will reduce the discomfort of the needling procedure. The procedure continues by passing and rolling the microneedling headpiece over the skin, which gently forms micro-wounds to induce the skin's natural healing process.

Beyond Med Spa and wellness center further provides two effective treatments with the basic microneedling procedure. One is natural injection therapy, where serums and vitamin infusions are applied to the skin for better penetration, providing desired skin rejuvenation results.

Dr. Berkey also provides RF microneedling, where radiofrequency energy is used to get desired outcomes of cellular regeneration and skin restoration according to your skin condition and customized needs. At the end of the treatment, a gentle massage along with UV protection is applied to reduce the skin sensitivity following the treatment.

The entire treatment takes thirty to sixty minutes to get complete, and results will start appearing within one to two months where newly formed collagen and elastic take over the old, damaged cells. Three to six microneedling sessions spaced at four to six weeks are sufficient to give visible outcomes. For further information on microneedling and associated procedures, schedule your initial consultation by filling online consultation form or call/text now.

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