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Get Rid of Your Belly Pooch With Emsculpt Neo

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Maybe you can relate to that dreaded belly pooch. For women all over the world, no matter where they're from, this is a very annoying area. They can try crunches, they can work out, they can lose weight, they can even get to their ideal weight, where they feel they haven't been in in years, and they still have that little bit of a pooch below the belly button. Most people think there's nothing you can do about it, but today I'm going to show you one thing that you can do that will make a difference.

So, what to do about the belly pooch? The emsculpt NEO may be the answer for you. It's a body sculpting noninvasive device that goes on the outside of the body. The emsculpt NEO now has over 1 million treatments with no side effects. It reduces 30% of the fat in the area and tones the muscle and tightens the skin all in 30-minute sessions. Let’s take a look.

The treatment is easy. It's a 30-minute session with no downtime. It is recommended that people do four sessions spread out over four weeks. For the abdominal area, the paddles sit on your stomach. We use a Velcro strap to strap them on so they're compressed tightly against the skin. You will feel warmth as the machine kicks in, and then you'll start to feel the contractions that are working your muscles like abdominal crunches. You should see an average of 25% more muscle and 30% less fat in that area, and it's not just aesthetics results as you will also feel a difference at your core. It's like wearing a Spanx on your body all the time.

Many people are aware of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting came out in 2010 and it was FDA approved. CoolSculpting really works, however, a tiny percentage of people also have long term damaging side effects. The Emsculpt NEO, has no side effects and they have had a million treatments without one single side effect problem. Emsculpt Neo works better than CoolSculpting for fat melting and has a different feature which is muscle strengthening and core building at the same time. The third thing it does is tightens that loose skin that we don't like below the belly button.

If you would like to schedule a treatment, reach out to us on our website or call to request for consultation or to meet with somebody on our team. Reach out and we can figure out a custom-made package for you because everybody's a little different. Most people will start with four treatments. Some people need six or eight treatments, but we'll design something for you.

Call Beyond Medical Spa and Wellness Center at (949) 270-6789 to schedule your Free Emsculpt Neo consultation today.

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