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Restore Skin Elasticity With Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Do you want to restore skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging? A facial rejuvenation treatment may be just what you need. Beyond Medical Spa & Wellness Center provides microneedling with the advanced DermaPen to renew your skin health. Dr. Allyson Berkey can assess your concerns and recommend the best course of treatment for you in Newport Beach, CA.

So, how exactly does microneedling with the DermaPen work? Read below or call our team for a consultation. Our goal is to help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin.

What causes skin problems?

Let's face it, getting older leads to less than glamorous changes in your skin. Aging causes fine lines and small wrinkles that occur naturally over time. In addition, environmental factors, like sun damage and smoking, also lead to skin damage. Sometimes, your skin needs a little boost to help erase these issues. Facial rejuvenation through microneedling is one way to restore your youthful appearance and skin elasticity.

What does microneedling do?

Microneedling devices like the DermaPen create tiny channels across the surface of your skin. These micro-injuries stimulate your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. The human body naturally repairs these tiny injuries, leading to healthier and firmer skin. In addition to minor signs of aging and sun damage, microneedling also helps reduce acne scars, enlarged pores, and even stretch marks in Newport Beach, CA.

Microneedling results may be seen after several sessions once the skin has had time to encourage collagen and elastin production in the treated area. For best results, we recommend a course of treatments every month or two, but it is important to discuss your individual case with our team before starting a microneedling regimen.

Benefits of microneedling include:

· Minimally invasive procedure with no incisions required

· Can be performed by itself or with other treatments

· Reduce multiple signs of aging, and patients enjoy healthy skin elasticity

How many microneedling sessions do I need?

The number of microneedling sessions you need will vary depending on your skin elasticity and goals. To get started, Dr. Berkey or a trained team member will examine your skin quality and assess the best course of treatment. After an initial series of skin treatments, we may schedule follow-up appointments 2 – 4 times every year. Patients can even get traditional facials in between sessions for even more dramatic results.

Can you add serums to my microneedling treatment?

Specialized serums can offer additional benefits to facial rejuvenation treatment. This process is called Natural Injection Therapy and requires a quick blood draw before we begin microneedling with the DermaPen. The small sample of blood is then placed in a centrifuge to isolate the growth factors and healing elements.

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Beyond Medical Spa & Wellness Center may inject or massage the serum into the skin after microneedling. The serums are even more effective because of the tiny channels created during microneedling. This helps the active ingredients absorb far more effectively.

Rejuvenate your face

Skin elasticity is one of the most common concerns we hear from patients in Newport Beach, CA. If you want to restore your skin and say goodbye to wrinkles and sun damage, Dr. Allyson Berkey can help you get started. Schedule a consultation or learn about microneedling with the DermaPen by calling Beyond Medical Spa & Wellness Center today.

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