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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Do you have flabby arms? Both men and women can benefit from the Emsculpt Neo for flabby arms, but for women it is one of the toughest places of the body to deal with. It's those swinging triceps. You work hard. You keep your belly flat. You're at the gym every day. You're doing bootcamp classes, and Pilates, and you're doing spin and SoulCycle and all the different exercise programs that are supposed to change everything. You are even working with a personal trainer, and you’ve almost got it. But you still can't wear those sleeveless dresses because of flabby triceps and biceps. So, what is there to do?

You could possibly work out more, but you are most likely working out those arms as much as you can. Maybe you have already tried to change your arms but with little success. Yes, there are some women that have mastered having great biceps and triceps, and that's awesome. But most women can't get their biceps and triceps to look that way, especially over the age of 30, 40 or 50.

What is there to do? We have a machine called EMSCULPT NEO and it can be applied to different areas of the body, but right now I want to specifically talk about the triceps and biceps because the machine has different sets of paddles. They have one paddle that can fit on your belly and also they also have smaller paddles that strap onto your triceps that can be swiveled around and put on your biceps for separate sessions targeting either triceps or biceps. It begins to contract the muscles for 30 minutes and it gives them the equivalent of 1000s of contractions.

One of the reasons your triceps become flabby is that we lose elasticity as we age. The collagen is depleted, and as we age our skin gets loose and flabby and in particular the triceps and biceps. When we lose this elasticity, it is hard to keep the muscle mass hard and toned as we go through the aging process. But what if I could tell you that the EMSCULPT NEO does two things. It creates hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Hypertrophy means it takes the existing muscle cells because you still have them and makes them fuller and stronger and more robust and it increases the tensile strength and even stimulates new collagen to grow. That's the hypertrophy part. It also stimulates hyperplasia, which means Neomi genesis or new muscle formation, such as Genesis in the Bible – it is the beginning.

You can create hyperplasia new muscle Genesis by this machine stimulating that in your body. The existing fibers get stronger, and with new muscle formation and activation, the triceps and biceps will change with four to six sessions. This technology will help anybody that applies it. This is not just muscle stem, like you get at the chiropractor's office. These are Tesla magnets, the same type of magnet technology that is in an MRI machine. This is FDA approved medical equipment that you can put on and see a real change.

Go to our website now, click on consultation or book now or reach out to us. A member of our team will reach out and help you make a plan and see what your goals are, specifically with your arms, or if you want to work on other body parts at the same time, that's okay too. We'll develop a custom plan just for you.

If you are interested in trying Emsculpt Neo, call Beyond Medical Spa and Wellness Center to schedule your free consultation.

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