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PDO Thread Lift in Newport Beach, CA


As we age, our skin will eventually begin to sag. When this happens, some people will turn to surgical solutions, such as a facelift. While these procedures do lead to stunning results, they also require extensive recovery time and will leave behind scars. Fortunately, surgery is not the only option. At Beyond Medical Spa & Wellness Center, we offer a form of minimally invasive facelift called a PDO thread lift. By using dissolvable sutures, Dr. Allison Berkey and her staff are able to lift the skin on your face, making you look younger and more full of life. Visit our office in Newport Beach, CA, to learn more about what this groundbreaking treatment can do for you.



Before the procedure begins, will mark the entrance and exit points of the sutures on your face. Then, you'll be asked to lie down and given local anesthesia to ensure your utmost comfort. At this point, the treatment itself can begin. We will use a synthetic type of thread, known as PDO threads, that are designed to dissolve beneath your skin. We use these sutures to lift loose skin on the face and neck, which makes the skin look tighter and younger. Due to this, the results will be noticeable at the immediate conclusion of the procedure. However, these outcomes will only continue to improve as the PDO threads will slowly dissolve into the skin, generating the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins are incredibly beneficial when it comes to the overall health and appearance of your skin and should even further improve your results from this minimally invasive facelift. 



PDO thread lifts are able to offer many of the same benefits of a traditional facelift without the need for surgery or any of the risks and downtime it entails. Countless men and women in Newport Beach, CA, have used it to quickly and effectively alleviate their aesthetic concerns. If you are interested in eliminating loose skin on your face and neck, we highly encourage you to contact Beyond Medical Spa & Wellness Center today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Berkey. 

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