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What is the difference between a Wellness Center and Medical Spa

Sometimes you could be confused about whether to go to a wellness center or medical spa. This is especially when there is no one willing to give out specific differences between these facilities. But that shouldn’t be the case. In this article, we clearly explain and show you the difference between both of them.

What Exactly Is A Medical Spa?

Medical spa is a term used to describe a spa that combines procedures performed by a doctor with a day spa. In other words, you could say it’s a day spa that offers medical procedures. A day spa is mainly focuses on relaxation products. But medical spas offer extra services such as anti-aging treatments.

However, a licensed physician must own and operate a medical spa. It’s not like a day spa that any therapist can run. This is because the services offered by a day spa include medically oriented treatment.

What Exactly Is Wellness Center?

A wellness center is a facility that focuses on body and mind well-being. The services could range from treating body pain and other illnesses. In the mental section, a wellness center offers relaxation services as well as psychological intervention for different mental health issues. A wellness center offers a range of treatments to improve wellbeing.

An expert does every procedure or service done by a wellness center. Good wellness centers have a number of qualified specialists to get the job done. If they offer skin service, the center will have a dermatologist to help patients.

Main difference between a Wellness Center and Medical Spa

So, as discussed above, wellness centers and medical spas are not the same. Sometimes they might offer the same services. But going to either of them is different. The following are major ways in which they differ.

The Goal of the Services

Spas generally are facilities to enhance beauty and relaxation. And medical spas are not different. Their primary goal is to offer cosmetic solutions to patients. The only difference is that it sometimes uses medical intervention to offer these services. This is especially when dealing with hair, anti-aging beauty, and skin care.

However, when you’re look at a wellness center, you’ll realize its goal is to enhance wellbeing. A patient might relax and gain beauty from the services. However, beauty and relaxation are not the primary reasons a wellness center offers the services.

List of Services

A medical spa offers a few services as compared to a wellness center. Its focus is only on beauty. But, wellness offers a wide range of treatments. This includes having specialists in the facility to offer the services.

People Offering Services

A medical physician runs a medical spa. The person must be authorized to carry out specific medical procedures offered by the spa. However, a wellness center is different. A specialist carries out all the procedures. If it’s skin treatment, it’s left under the hands of a skin specialist.

Information about Beyond Med Spa & Wellness Center

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