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Heritage Museum of
Orange County

A trip to the Heritage Museum of Orange County Santa Ana CA should be a top priority for any family vacation. With its extensive floral gardens, the museum features restored homes, including an original California bungalow. The museum is open daily, with admission fee which is located at 1801 E Chestnut Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92701. While in Santa Ana, make sure to spend at least two hours in the museum. It's well worth the price. However, plan to spend at least one full day in the Santa Ana area to experience its many exhibits.


Another family-friendly attraction in Santa Ana is the Dick Marconi Museum, which features his personal collection of cars. Open every weekday, this museum is a quick 12-minute drive from the city. Set on 600 acres, the museum is home to two fishing lakes and multiple fields, including an archery range and a basketball court. The museum is also a great place to catch a live performance or two.


While visiting the Heritage Museum of Orange County, you can also visit the Bowers Museum, which opened in 1936. The museum's permanent collection includes over 10,000 objects from around the world. The museum has exhibitions on cultures from Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. You'll be able to see the beauty of native American art and the history of the Pacific Rim. There's something for everyone at the Bowers Museum.


The Santa Ana Zoo is another fun place to visit. Santa Ana also has an active nightlife and a famous zoo. The city is centrally located in Orange County and is the perfect destination for a family vacation. Just make sure you check out the list of top tourist attractions in Santa Ana and plan a trip there. The city has a lot to offer, so you can't go wrong!


The Heritage Museum of Orange County is a cultural center located on 12 acres of beautiful gardens. Visitors can explore historic buildings from the 1890s on the plaza. The Kellogg House, built in 1898, has nautical features inside. The museum aims to preserve the history of Orange County and to educate people about it. Families and children can take advantage of their hands-on educational programs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

A great place to also visit is


The OCCCA features a wide variety of exhibits. This non-profit organization has been showing exquisite works of art since the 1980s. More than 3500 objects are on display. The OCCCA showcases California and Pacific-Rim contemporary art as well as new media. In addition to exhibitions, the center also hosts musical events. So, your visit to the Heritage Museum of Orange County is not complete without a trip to the Observatory OC!


The OCC is another historical landmark that you should visit in Santa Ana. It is a joint project of the city government and the University of California. It is located in the historic Downtown National Register District and is home to 45000 square feet of studios for visual arts students. The University Arts Program provides students with studios and apartments and access to both. The OCC is a great choice if you want to learn about local history while learning about the arts.

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