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Gray Matter Museum of Art

If you are looking for a unique place to enjoy art and culture, you should consider visiting Gray Matter Museum of Art Newport Beach CA. This art gallery showcases works that stimulate the gray matter of the brain. You can experience different thoughts while viewing artworks from various mediums. Some of the works on display include garbage combined with plants, monochrome photographs, abstract paintings, and glass sculptures. If you are 18 and under, admission is free.


In addition to the art collection, you can also take in a few performances and exhibits at the Gray Matter Museum of Art. Visitors are invited to attend the museum's interpretive programs and enjoy works by local artists. The museum also features a music library, photography collection, and design and fashion. Other local art and cultural attractions include the Irvine Historical Museum, which houses a research library and extensive photo collections. In addition to these museums, the area is home to several local artists.


The Balboa Island Museum is another popular attraction in Newport Beach. This island museum tells the history of Balboa Island, a complex of three adjacent man-made islands. It is also popular with bird-watchers. Located near the Balboa Island Ferry, this attraction is open year-round, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Visitors can take part in family competitions and enjoy the Happy Swing and Coconut Tree Climb.

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If you are in the area, you should visit the Newport Beach Pier. This is a great way to take in the beautiful coastal views and the pelicans and seagulls. Nearby is the Dory Fishing Fleet and Market. It opened in 1891 and is open early Wednesday through Sunday. During the summer, visitors can visit the pier's Dory Fishing Fleet and Market. You can also enjoy shopping at Newport Bay and the nearby high-end retail outlets.


There are also many beaches in Newport Beach. The Newport Municipal Beach features a wooden fishing pier. On the east side of the city, Corona Del Mar State Beach has a bike trail and is a good place for swimming. The Pirate Cove Beach is a popular place for kayaking and paddle boarding. You can also watch birds at North Star Beach. A trip to this beach is not complete without exploring the local nature and wildlife.

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