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Can Med Spas Remove Moles?

Can med spas remove moles? If you have a mole that bothers you, or a mole you have recently had removed, you may be a candidate for a mole removal procedure. The ideal candidate will be someone who is realistic about what they expect to achieve and has realistic expectations. There are several types of mole removal treatments, including surgical mole removal and radiofrequency treatment. Read on to learn more.

Surgical mole removal

Surgical mole removal at a med spa can be an excellent option for individuals who are seeking to get rid of unwanted skin growths. Moles are benign skin growths that are usually harmless, but some people find them bothersome. Some people have prominent moles that chafe against their clothing, while others have stalked moles that constantly irritate the crease in their skin. If moles suddenly change or become cancerous, they may be removed. It is crucial to seek medical advice before undergoing mole removal surgery, as this could prevent further complications.

Medical professionals perform surgical mole removal at med spas using a variety of techniques. Depending on the type of mole, the doctor may perform a punch biopsy, which involves punching out a cylinder-shaped piece of skin. This surgical method is used for flat, malignant, or raised moles. During the procedure, the doctor will remove any stitches and will monitor the mole's healing. Patients may be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection, or scar cream to minimize scarring.

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CO2 laser mole removal

One of the most popular medical treatments for cosmetic concerns is CO2 laser mole removal. Not only is it a safe, non-invasive procedure, but CO2 laser mole removal can also remove skin lesions, such as acne scars. A CO2 laser can remove any type of mole without causing pain or downtime. The CO2 laser has minimal side effects and can produce dramatic results.

This procedure removes damaged skin, which stimulates collagen production. After the treatment, patients can resume normal activities, but collagen levels must be elevated to produce lasting results. Some patients notice results in just a few weeks, while others may take up to six months to see significant results. Some patients may require multiple treatments to see desired results. In some cases, a single treatment is not enough. If a patient is not satisfied with the result of CO2 laser mole removal, he or she can consider multiple treatments.


Radiofrequency mole removal

Radiofrequency mole removal at med spa facilities is the ideal way to remove moles and blemishes, leaving behind a barely noticeable scar. The procedure involves the use of a platinum wire loop, as thin as a human hair, to brush the mole or skin tag away. The radiofrequency waves then cause the mole to coagulate and remove its pigment, leaving minimal bleeding and virtually no scarring.

The procedure is safe and can be performed by a medical professional, and most patients won't experience any pain. The only complication is that radio waves can interfere with cardiac pacemakers. An anaesthetic liquid is injected into the patient's skin prior to the procedure to ensure the patient won't feel any pain. After the procedure, the mole will lie flat on the skin, and a scab will form, falling off within five to 10 days.

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